Is GLUTEN a worse food “criminal” than SUGAR? You be the judge

Which is worse? You eat something toxic, or you eat something toxic and it stays stuck in your system for days or even weeks on end? Most people fail to realize that besides all the toxins we find in conventional gluten, and besides the fact that gluten can clog your intestinal tract for extended periods of time, everything you eat after eating gluten will also rot inside your body after 24 hours of being stuck there. Think about that for a minute.

Pork, beef, lamb, and bread may be more poisonous to the human body than sugar – here’s why

Two of the hardest foods for humans to digest are land animal meat and sticky gluten found in most wheat-based products and bread. First they pass through your esophagus about two inches per second by waves of muscle contractions. Once the meat and bread reach your stomach, they are slowly broken down by digestive juices and a greenish brown bile (produced by the liver), and then the absorbable proteins, fats, and sugars are processed. This can take up to five hours.

Then the rest passes into your small intestine, and the walls absorb the nutrients into your blood, giving you energy. A steak or lamb chop can take two or three days to exit your intestines. That means it’s rotting away inside your body like a corpse. Most fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, exit your system in less than 12 hours, sometimes in as few as four hours. Whew!

An adult’s small intestine is around 18 feet long, if you were to straighten it out. Whatever the body doesn’t need, like “undigested” fibrous parts of the food, bile, bacteria, germs, and some water, move from the small intestines to the large intestine (colon), which is only about 5 feet long. In there, necessary bacteria attempt to further break down this undigested food.

Diverticulitis, Crohn’s Disease, Celiac disease, colon polyps, IBS, ulcers, acid reflux, chronic inflammation, and cancer are all driven by gluten poisoning

So what about gluten? Have you ever taken a piece of bread and balled it up? It ends up being about the size of a golf ball. The sticky heads of wheat, rye, and barley contain gluten. Gluten is just a general name for the “glue” that holds these foods together, and you’ll also find it in durum, semolina, spelt, and farro.

Gluten can stick to other foods in the digestive tract and to the inner walls of your “pipes” (your small and large intestines). These “food stuff” materials can harden in your body, and then rot. People who don’t drink enough water add to the gluten mayhem and often have serious constipation issues.

Many Americans believe, thanks to medical doctors, that they are extremely allergic to gluten, but are they really? Maybe they’re all just allergic to food rotting in the body and the chemicals found in conventional gluten-laden products. Most bread that’s not organic contains food chemicals, including synthetic conditioners and pesticides.

While these cancerous chemicals remain trapped in the digestive and excretive tract, they cause irritable bowels, ulcers, heart disease, and yes, cancer. The gooey gluten finds divots in the intestines and stays there (diverticulitis), rotting away and burning the lining (epithelial tissue). This can also lead to internal bleeding and leaky gut syndrome, where the poisons get out into the blood stream.

You see, processed sugar is evil. It contains genetically modified (GM) ingredients that fuel all kinds of diseases and disorders, but if not mixed with gluten, can actually exit the body in a timely manner. However, most bread in America also contains high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), so you’re getting the worst of both worlds anyhow. Plus, many gluten-containing foods contain processed oils (think GM corn, soy and canola here) that keep even more carcinogens trapped in your digestive tract.

Not trying to be gross here, but if your poop stinks to “high heaven” and you must incessantly wipe to get your bottom clean, you need to change your food regimen. Some people think they are still healthy if they eat strictly organic food after they binge on some conventional gluten, like a foot-long sub sandwich or a few hamburgers and hot dogs on the buns. They’re dead wrong. Anything you eat that stays in your body for more than 24 hours rots, along with the gluten, causing just about every digestive and cell disorder under the sun.

Do yourself a huge favor. If you eat meat, cut out the land animals as much as possible, and definitely quit sucking down the conventional gluten. There’s no better cure for constipation than a strict plant-based diet, so you better get on that right away. Tune in to for ways to fight infections and food-borne diseases naturally. It may be time for you to detoxify from all that gluten with some good juice cleansing recipes.

Watch this video by Dr. Eric Berg and learn what foods to avoid in order to heal your intestinal system:

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