Are you EATING bleach?

Although bleach comes from a natural source, the process it undergoes radically changes it into an extremely harmful substance that causes detriment to humans and the environment. Household bleach is simply chlorine dissolved in water. When mixed with ammonia, chlorine becomes a deadly gas, like the first poison gas used as a weapon during World War I. Chlorine is produced commercially by electrolysis of sodium chloride brine and is among the top ten most produced chemicals in the U.S.

Chlorine is commonly used as a bleaching agent in the preparation of pesticides, synthetic rubbers, polymers, and yes, water and food. Bleach has corrosive properties, including causing tissue damage and penetrating cells to react with your cytoplasmic proteins, destroying cell structure.

Are you actually ingesting chlorine and bleach on a daily basis? Do you drink tap water? Municipal drinking water is “cleaned” using toxic, carcinogenic chlorine chemicals that are not all filtered out. You may want to invest in a Big Berkey water filtration system for your home (and office) right away. Do you eat white foods that are not naturally white, like flour, bread, rice (except basmati), sugar, and pasta? Then you are eating bleach, and literally “eating cancer” that will eventually eat you alive.

Breast cancer can be detected by a pathologist who spots chemical “waste” present in the cytoplasm

Cancer is defined as the rapid and uncontrolled growth of harmful cells. When pathologists run tests on breast cancer tissue, in their diagnosis of healthy or non-healthy cytoplasm, they can use dyes of different colors to detect when cancer cells are growing, because the cancer cells release certain hormones and proteins that become suspended in the cytoplasm fluid and react differently to the dye agents. The pathologists can also detect when less blood and oxygen are being used by those cells, thus identifying cancerous tumors through immunochemical analysis.

In other words, as humans consume carcinogenic chemicals, like bleach, our cells produce chemical waste, as a byproduct, that doctors and scientists can identify as catapults for cancer cell development. Common sense then tells us that if we stop consuming chemicals, we stop feeding cancer, and we give our healthy cells a fighting advantage to win the cancer war.

The cumulative effect of bleach poisoning

Though the health effects that result from chlorine exposure and ingestion begin in minutes, the symptoms of cancer may not show up until late into dangerous stages. Ingestion of bleach causes corrosive damage to the tissue of the gastrointestinal tract, the pancreas and the bladder. There is no antidote for bleach or chlorine poisoning.

Bleach isn’t just in household cleaning products, swimming pools, hot tubs, tap water, artificial sweeteners (think of Splenda here), white coffee filters, and food. You’ll also find bleach in many  personal care products, such as teeth whiteners, hair colors, and skin whiteners. Chlorine is also used to produce PVC plastics (polyvinyl chloride), pesticides, herbicides, and yes, pharmaceutical prescription medications.

Will you be swimming in an indoor pool this winter? Most recreation centers, YMCAs, and fitness center pools are loaded with chlorine that your skin absorbs. This adds to the cumulative effect of bleach in the blood, warping more cells and “feeding the fire” of cell mutation and uncontrolled multiplication.

Do you have children? If you’re smart, you keep your cleaning products up high where they can’t reach them, because if they drink or eat them, they’ll die. Guess what else that means. Throw out any bleached food you’ve bought, and stop eating cancer. Tune in to for more information about chemicals that breed the “C” word and ways you can naturally combat cancer, without chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation treatment.

Turns out, Vitamin C is used by the medical establishment to remove chlorine from water for dialysis patients, and fish farmers put Vitamin C tablets in the fish water to remove the chlorine. You can actually dissolve Vitamin C powder in water and spray your body with it to remove the chlorine from your skin and hair after you swim in a pool. Got some organic Vitamin C at home?

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