Health Ranger: The five supplements I take every day as I’m approaching the age of fifty

With mental stress levels now reaching alarming new highs across American culture, it’s more important than ever to give our bodies high-density nutrition for recovery, resilience and longevity. As I approach the age of fifty — which somehow seems really young now that I’m almost there — I’m spending a lot of time developing lab-validated nutritional formulas that focus on brain protection, stress reduction and peak human performance.

In the next few months, I’ll be rolling out some innovative new formulas based on targeted botanical extracts backed by scientific evidence and laboratory validation. Once those are available, I will of course announce them here. In the mean time, here’s what I’m taking daily right now to maintain peak performance and stress reduction, even while the world seems to be going insane all around us.

#1) Non-GMO Vitamin C

Did you know that nearly all vitamin C sold today is derived from genetically modified corn? To solve that problem, we painstakingly sourced non-China, non-GMO vitamin C and have made it available in multiple forms, including ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate, both in capsule and powder form. Personally, I like the capsule form of ascorbic acid, because it’s slightly acidic which supports efficient food digestion. Here’s the 3-pack of vitamin C that I take.

I consider vitamin C to be a “master nutrient” because it boosts literally hundreds of metabolic interactions across the body. Because it’s water soluble, it only stays in your body for a few hours, so you need to take it more frequently than fat-soluble nutrients (I take 3-4 capsules each morning and evening). If you prefer vitamin C buffered with sodium, which gives it a slightly salty taste, we have the powdered form of buffered non-GMO vitamin C at this link.

#2) Astaxanthin

In terms of fat-soluble, neuroprotective antioxidants, nothing beats astaxanthin. Known as the “King of carotenoids,” astaxanthin is created by microalgae to protect them from the harsh ionizing effects of sunlight radiation, allowing these tiny lifeforms to remain viable for literally a century in dry, harsh conditions.

The best way to take astaxanthin is to combine it with healthy fats, so I always take it with my morning avocado smoothie, which also contains blended flax seeds. We currently offer Hawaiian Astaxanthin gel caps containing 12mg of astaxanthin per capsule. A more economical choice is our 6-pack of Chief Organics Astaxanthin soft gels which contain 6mg per capsule.

#3) Vitamin D

If you’ve read up on our new website, you know that vitamin D is one of the most powerful and important nutrients for healthy living. While you can get it from sunlight, most people don’t spend enough time in the sun… especially if they have darker skin color which blocks sunlight UV radiation and reduces vitamin D production in the skin.

Although I spend quite a bit of time outdoors, I still supplement with vitamin D. We currently offer the Seeking Health brand of vitamin D3 which delivers 5,000 IU per serving (and uses vegetarian capsules). I always take it with healthy dietary fats, too, to make sure it’s well assimilated. You only need this once a day.

#4) Turmeric

Turmeric is truly one of the most amazing superfoods on our planet, and its numerous health benefits are almost legendary. Read to stay informed on the latest science surrounding this powerful spice.

Turmeric raw material is frequently contaminated with lead. We use ICP-MS testing in the lab and end up rejecting most turmeric lots, accepting only the cleanest, low-metals lots we can find. So far, we’ve found that turmeric from India tends to be very polluted, while turmeric from Hawaii is very clean.

Turmeric also suffers from a microbiology problem, so we conduct microbiology tests on every incoming lot of raw materials. Many of these are too high, so we reject them.

We currently offer three delicious choices in turmeric: Organic turmeric liquid extract, organic turmeric root powder and our super popular, ultra-delicious Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears.

We also offer a combo pack with two bottles of organic turmeric liquid extract, plus one bottle of Hawaiian Turmeric Gummy Bears.

#5) Trace mineral drops

Nearly everyone is lacking in trace minerals for the simple reason that modern food production is conducted like a strip mining operation, leaving the crop soils devoid of trace minerals nutrition. Unless you routinely consume seaweed, you’re probably deficient in numerous trace minerals that function like catalysts for critical biochemical processes in the human body.

For years, I’ve tried to put together a trace mineral supplement to help address the mineral deficiencies across our population, but I’ve frequently found them to contain far too much lead or cadmium — toxic heavy metals that are frighteningly common in certain categories of foods and supplements. But using our ICP-MS instrumentation in our private laboratory — — we recently identified a source of trace minerals that has near-zero lead, even while providing very high levels of beneficial trace minerals such as zinc, selenium and molybdenum.

Now, I take our Concentrated Trace Mineral Drops daily, blending it into my smoothie. It’s also available in a larger, 8 oz. format of Concentrated Mineral Drops that’s more economical per ounce.

Take these five supplements for 30 days and you will be astonished how much better your body and brain function

People are always asking me how I get so much done. How do I run a ranch, direct a world-class laboratory and run a content team while producing so many videos, articles, documentaries and podcasts? The answer is ridiculously simple: I take all my own products.

Nutrition powers my body and brain, and because of that, I can learn new things more rapidly than at any other time in my life (I speak three languages at this point, and I’m doing PhD-level work in the lab). Without this nutrition, I never would have been able to launch a laboratory, co-author science papers, pioneer new research into water contamination or achieve two U.S. patents for breakthrough inventions that protect the body from radionuclides. There is no secret to that performance other than really good, consistent nutrition.

Fortunately, we all now live in a time of incredible nutritional abundance. We have access to nutrients and superfoods that kings and queens from centuries past could have only dreamed about (astaxanthin being a good example). Yet most of our population spends its money on processed junk foods that only promote disease and lower cognitive function. Even the medical establishment refuses to promote nutrition because it would mean a loss of revenues for all their dangerous medications and surgical procedures that depend on a never-ending stream of sick people.

Nutrition really is the answer to longevity, health and even peak human performance. For your body to function at its best, you have to give it the building blocks it needs for cellular protection and biochemical optimization. It’s all simple cause and effect, as Linus Pauling figured out decades ago. The simple truth is that if you’re not availing yourself of the best nutrition you can get your hands on, you are not yet experiencing the brain performance and peak body function you’re capable of achieving.

And that’s good news, because it may very well mean that your next step up in terms of health and peak human performance is just a few nutrients away.

Find all the world’s most powerful, lab-verified nutritional supplements and superfoods at the Health Ranger Store, which is rapidly becoming known as the “clean food” alternative to

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